Reservation Platform

TravelCompute reservation platform is tightly coupled that offers a seamless experience from one product to other, yet it is flexible enough to cater for all the unique requirements of an individual products.

TravelCompute is the world’s leading travel technology company that is sought after by many and offers state-of-the-art online travel booking engines. Our booking engines have a lot to offer. Thus, attracting customers which include travel companies, travel agents, tour operators, leading hotels, and distribution companies locally as well as globally. We bring you a step closer towards success, as our booking engines are different from the conventional ones, they are integrated with all the essential features that any tour operator would require, offering Travelers a remarkable online booking experience with its easy to maneuver layout and various other features.

TravelCompute’s booking engine offers a smooth experience between one module to other, yet it is flexible enough to uniquely cater to all individual product requirement and provides complete solutions that allows effective logging of enquires and booking. Our travel engine solution is user-friendly that allows you to streamline the sales process, comparing pricing with third-party suppliers and providing you the best discounts you can offer to your customers.

TravelCompute’s Flight booking engine is a B2B, B2C and B2B2C application with a modern, interactive and flexible layout, that helps you maximize booking reservation as it automates processes and saves time and effort required to complete an online booking, our booking engine simultaneously reaches multiple content sources for best prices. Our System is aggregated with various auspicious Features such as:

  1. Freedom to choose seats after booking a flight
  2. Option of booking one-way/ Round-trip/ Multi-stop flights
  3. Provide Details of Fare and Baggage rules
  4. Managing preference using filter option (time, Connected flights, Price, Layover time, Airline Preference)
  5. Flexible flight date preference +/-3 Days
  6. Detailed Payment breakdown when booking for multiple destinations

Our Flight Reservation System consists of integrating GDS system supplied by major global distribution systems or flight APIs by flight consolidators that fetches the flights availability in real time. It includes the followings:

  • Global Distribution Systems (Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus)
  • Global Airlines Consolidators
  • Global Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Content Providers
  • Direct Connectivity with Airlines Systems


TravelCompute enables airlines to optimize their sales channels by offering solutions for the following markets:

Travel Agent / Agency Booking Portal:

  • Platform for multi-institutions
  • IDs dedicated for Agency Use
  • Providing all exclusive fare offer/ discounts
  • Extensive reporting

Easy to Use Booking Flow:

An extremely user-friendly Graphical user interface makes the booking hassle-free and allows you to complete the booking in Just 3 Steps.

  • Booking Confirmation in Just 3 effortless Steps
  • Instant Search results with help of our Cache technology
  • AJAX Navigations eliminates the need for browser reloading
  • Easy Navigation with help of uncomplicated pop ups
High Level Features of the Platform
One way, return &
multi-segment bookings
Extensive filter and
search options
Fare Rules
Fare Breakdown (GDS)
Seat Maps
Seat Selection
Specail Services Requests
(Meal Preferences etc)
Frequent Flyer No. Support
Robotic Ticketing
Ticketing Deadline
OSI Remarks
Corporate / Private /
Special Fares

The hotel reservation engine connects with dozens of B2B travel suppliers in real-time and fetches the inventory thereby giving best available offer with instant booking and confirmation. By using our booking engine, instead of having to manually input online bookings, our booking engine will automatically process them, safely storing all of your guest’s data. Travelers see it as being more convenient, because they can safely make their reservation at their leisure instead of having to wait till you’re at your desk. Our search engine also provides various options to your travelers such as:

High Level Features of the Platform
Ability to Book
Multiple Rooms
Extensive filter &
search options
Google Maps Display
Extensive Hotel
Multiple Rooms Offers
from Multiple Suppliers
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Deadline
Automated Voucher

The demand for online booking engine has increased but this increase in demand doesn’t not confirm the chances of you finding your exact preferred booking software However, TravelCompute provides you the certainty you need, as our search engine is extremely detailed, user-friendly and highly customizable which results in every hotel desired search engine being built.

Our Hotel Search Engine gives you helpful insight into yours booking pattern, with just one look our search platform can help with answering statistical questions which are hard to answer without spending minutes upon minutes reading and analyzing data, if you use our hotel booking engine you won’t have to spend minutes but rather seconds. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete simple tasks so you can focus on the more pressing matter that require more of your attention.

Our booking engine integrates with your channel manager ensuring room inventory across all your online channels are automatically updated. This way you save both yours and our customers time by avoiding any awkward situations that you would have to encounter otherwise. We uphold integrity between our customers and ensure you never regret your choice by lining our booking engine properties to the needs of your property specially in-terms of flexibility and cost. As we believe, with the right hotel software, your property can compete against the largest online travel agencies and hotel brands in the world.

Know when and where your guests are booking. Easily track your guests’ activity and identify how your property is acting in the short and long-term. Use one login to access your property management system, booking engine, channel manager, hotel revenue management system, and more.


Our transfers reservation engine integrates with multiple B2B suppliers and support all the major worldwide airports. The platform pulls the best available offers in real-time and enables the ability to offer competitive option from the platform. Moreover, our point-to-point transfer booking system’s solution is designed to provide airport shuttle operators and transfer companies with the right tools to handle customer inquiries, maximize distribution channels and leverage the best product.

Our Reservation System is a proven, integrated global supplier for Transfer bookings with comprehensive dynamic management tools, developed to help tour operators, travel agencies and tour management companies avail increased profit margins from transfers. You can offer your customers a complementary service to traditional travel deals. With this booking engine, your customers can book with confidence their transfer between airport and hotel. We built a ground transportation system that can be modified and scaled to perfectly fit and support your business ideology – giving you the competitive advantage you need to grow and succeed.

Additionally, our transfer booking system;

  1. improves your customer retention
  2. enhances user experience and
  3. brings in added profit.

We allow you the chance to offer your customers the;

  • lowest prices
  • reliability
  • a user-friendly booking system and
  • a wide choice of transfers between airports and cities

All of which other transfer booking systems wouldn’t be able to provide. With an online booking system, your customers can either prepay for rentals or use post-payment methods. This helps make sure that on the day of the event you don’t have to worry about payment and allows you to avoid any confusion ensuring hassle-free transfer for you and your customers.

Travelcompute’s transfer engine allows your customer to easily compare a diverse range of travel suppliers and choose one that best suit their needs. When booking for transfer your customers can choose their preferred mode of transfer, as we hand pick and provide a large variety of transfer vehicles to choose from. Your customer can either choose individually catered transfers or group transfers. Moreover, our Software provides your customer with the option of paying for Booking via multiple online payment gateways as our system is compatible with most payment gateways, websites and content management systems.

Our reservation system caters to your needs.

TravelCompute’s online sightseeing reservation and booking system is the leading online reservation system available for sightseeing and activity businesses, which provides you with all the features you need to manage and grow your business. TravelsCompute’s Sightseeing Management System builds robust B2C and B2B travel portal to sell sightseeing features and activities. Moreover, our system helps you build your own brand to sell online sightseeing and activities from all around the world and work with global suppliers.

The sightseeing reservation engine offers more than 15,000 activities in all the major destinations of the world. The content is aggregated from multiple travel suppliers and enables the ability to book and confirm in real-time with instant voucher generation.

What makes TravelCompute a great online reservation system?
Our sightseeing engines booking system is flexible and feature-rich which allows your customer both the ability to control their schedules, their sightseeing, fares, and extras or opt for traditionally tailored packages made by you – everything at your fingertips.

TravelCompute’s reservation system work real-time and updates accordingly allowing your customers to;

  • check availability calendar
  • book activity
  • pay online
  • print voucher and
  • make bookings

Our system has been refined and improved, with the help of feedback and requests from sightseeing operators from all over the world.  With multiple payment gateways and a simple, pay as you go model. it’s easy to get started, setup and completely customized accordingly to your business needs, all this can be performed in a matter of days.

Finally, our sightseeing reservation system is further, integrated with Car rental system that allows customers the ability to spontaneously hire a car when placing reservations for sightseeing, making moving about a child’s play. This implementation offers your customer a fluid-like, hassle-free booking experience as it eliminates the need for making car hiring booking elsewhere, offering you the advantage over your competitors that offer plain, traditional sightseeing systems.

TravelCompute also offers Express Bus, Tour Packages, Cruise and other content which can be tailored and customized to suit your unique requirements.


The car hire reservation engine fetches and offers the inventory from all the major car companies. The platform is able to offer realtime confirmations. TravelCompute’s Car Rental Booking engine has gone through tremendous changes over the years to finally be brought to you as the highly functional, state-of-art designed car rental system that is not only, endlessly configurable in accordance to meeting your individual needs but it is also customized to provide you all functionality required to increase your profit margins.

TravelCompute’s Car Rental System supports Features such as:

  • Displaying vehicle availability
  • Enabling easy booking
  • Increasing exposure
  • Displaying vehicles types to choose from
  • Allows you to capture potential customers interest when browsing your website

Additional features our car rental application has equipped;

  • Fleet management module
  • Updating fleet inventory in real time, preventing over-booking
  • Pricing and instant booking confirmation
  • Multiple accepted payment channels
  • Automated invoice confirmation
  • Multi-language availability
  • Instant insightful report generation
  • Vehicle tracking


  1. Credit Card Acceptance

Our booking engine allows you to accept credit card payment all by obtaining a SSL certificate that our services include. Upon payment through credit card is placed by your customer, the system sends an automated email to your reservation agency by sending masked number which can be accessed through the SSL encrypted control panel.

  1. Multi-language support

The purpose of multiple-language integration is to support smooth communication between you and your customer. This unique element allows you to offer your services to more potential customers from all over the world allowing you to target the global market at a rapid pace, exposure to a wider audience means greater success for your business!

  1. Real-time availability updates

Ours engine allows you to add and remove vehicle types according to your choice and update inventory regarding availability of certain cars granting you the choice of disposing your entire fleet or managing individual vehicles.

TravelCompute assists travel and tourism industry grow by adopting latest, modern world’s technological trends, offering a fast-growing online car rental booking engine with easy-to-maneuver features and functionalities that make it an ideal booking engine.

The components our Car rental booking engine has incorporated;

  • Suppliers adding
  • Ease and updated access to Car rental booking by updated system of availability of cars and drivers
  • Sufficient ease of fair comparison
  • Better Decision making of hiring feasible car rental service
  • Calculated time for availability

TravelCompute’s online car reservation system allows bookings process run smoothly, by simply accepting online reservations and managing your entire fleet, all at one single control panel. By offering highly-customizable booking system, you and your customers will be able to get exact quotes, see vehicle availability, and make online reservations, with just a few clicks.

Bookings are automatically processed through TravelCompute Car Rental online Management software and your customers receive instant confirmation of their reservation, completely hassle-free.

Our system is flexible and we understand that needs change consequently, the agencies we work with, we guarantee continuous support, improvements, and upgrades.

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