Press Release: Waynaut and Octraves Partner to Bring European Multimodal Search and Booking Capabilities to TravelCompute’s One-Stop Travel Technology Platform

KUALA LUMPUR, MalaysiaJuly 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Waynaut and Octraves Technology have announced a partnership to launch multimodal search and booking. Octraves Technology will integrate Wayfinder and Waypass products on Octraves’ TravelCompute one-stop travel technology platform.

Dato Syed Razif Al Yahya Syed Yasin, Managing Director says, “TravelCompute is solving outbound European transportation options for both our travel agencies and online travellers. Waynaut provides an all-in-one approach that helps us simplify options to our travellers for flights, trains and buses within Europe.”

Simone Lini, Waynaut CEO, says, “We are proud to be partnering with Octraves Technology because they have put the customer first in this project. We have listened to many online and offline travel agencies from Asia Pacific, and we always hear the same pain point, that is, make it simply to manage European itineraries for outbound Asian travellers. This integration considers all means of transport in a single search, produces one itinerary and allows the purchase with one payment transaction. Now agents and travellers save time by being able to purchase a longer part of their overall journey with one site and one input for personal and payment details.”

A sample itinerary would be a bus-flight-train combination. The agents and travellers save time by not having to navigate three different travel websites, aligning schedules, then making three separate payment transactions.

The signing was witnessed by Paul Pontecorvo, VP Marketing & Business Development from Waynaut and Tabraiz Feham, Director of Engineering and Product Development. Paul highlighted on the emerging need of multimodal travel solutions as the outbound Asian travel market to Europe continues on a high growth path. Tabraiz articulated on the importance of integrating multimodal travel solution on TravelCompute’s one-stop travel technology platform and how it will help the platform users with trip planning and booking experience.

About Waynaut

Waynaut is a travel technology company based in Milan, Italy and founded by Simone Lini in 2013. Waynaut has built a B2B Multimodal Travel platform with its Wayfinder Search and Waypass Seamless Booking APIs. Waynaut target OTAs, TMCs and Accommodation sites to provide a wider range of transportation from more start/destination sites.