Tech travel essentials to ensure you make the most of your trip

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off on holiday this summer, take a few minutes to prepare your devices. While this doesn’t require as much prep as the perfect beach body, spending a little bit of time on these steps will mean you can enjoy the holiday bliss, without worrying about battery, boarding passes or bills.

Here’s our seven tips to help you make the most of your tech whilst abroad:

(1) Check-in

Check-in beforehand and issue your boarding passes to your smarpthone. This will mean you don’t get hit with any nasty fees for not having a print-out, plus it cuts one step out of the process of getting you on the plane.

(2) Map-it

Many of the major cities around the world have their own application or apps which map out the transportation services. Download these before you go and make them available offline where possible.

(3) Get connected

Add the app Instabridge to your phone. Now. This app stores the passwords for Wifi networks all over the world. This app is great to have on your phone whilst here at home too. This could save your running up a hefty data bill.

(4) Disable data

Speaking of data – disable data for all of your applications unless they are vital. You may not know it, but apps can run in the background and cause horrifically large bills. Even if you think you don’t use an app, disable its data consumption for the duration of your trip.

(5) Power up

Invest in a backup charger. This may seem like an added expense on top of other holiday essentials like suncream, but you’ll be glad of it once you’re there. This will save you having to look for a socket everywhere you go. You can charge your phone on the beach, in a museum or from Top of the Rock in NYC, without any hassle.

(6) Storage

Take the time to clear some space on your device before you go. If you own a device that does not have an expandable memory, use some of these tips and tricks to free up some space on your device. You don’t want to go to capture a lovely family moment and find your “device has insufficient storage”.

(7) Security ready

Once you get to the airport and are preparing mentally for a few days of holiday bliss, take the time to remove all laptops, phones and tablets from your bag as soon as you enter security. These needs to go through the scanner, alongside any liquids. Have these devices out of your bag and ready to go into a tray and save yourself from any hassle.


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